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Our commitment is to enhance the quality and sustainability of the built and natural environment by applying best practice in both Architecture and Project Management, and producing integrative and viable outcomes.

We have over 50 years of combined Architectural and Project Management in-house experience.

As architects and ESD designers we provide viable and sustainable developments solutions.

As project managers, we work with opportunities, constraints, and effectively manage risks to provide quality, timely, cost effective, viable solutions and benefits. 
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The services we can provide:
Total professional Architectural and Project Management services  including:
- Design Services 
- Masterplanning / Urban Planning
- Graphic Design 
- Documentation Production and Management 
- Consultant Management
- Construction Management
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Contact Number: 0434138110

Hector Urizar, Architect, LFAIA, SA 620, Dip Maths
MOANA – 1 / 32 Second Avenue

Zbigniew Jaworski, Designer, PM, B Arch,  M Arch
Armadale - 8 / 13 Clendon Rd

Canadian Associate - OWA - Clinckett
Mohamed Abou El Fish, PM, B Arch
Offices: Kitchener, Mississauga and Toronto 
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